A day In the dirt 

It was a planting day, yesterday.   My daughter and I had made our yearly visit to our favorite nursery, bringing home beautiful plants, flowers, and herbs.   

Herbs planted in canning jars
Anxious for the “growing in-to” their containers and placement in the rock gardens.  I had taken special care to choose Chicken Safe plants for the containers close to the coops…  but I was more relaxed when choosing them for around the front of the house and rock gardens.  I will still keep watch that the chickens don’t snack on any of those greens.    

Pomeranian watch
Our Pomeranian was keeping me company. Clearly content and happy in her chair, rather than in the dirt, as I was.  

Wave Petunias for flower boxes and Wandering Jew – found!

I finally found some of the Wave Petunias.  They’re not available at the “regular” plant centers… or else, I’ve just never seen them.  They’re beautiful when they start flowing out of the containers.  This Wandering Jew plant was a mark-down at the nursery, and most likely a long time houseplant for us! 

String lights and candles are a must have for an outdoor space

Creating a cozy outdoor sitting area is always fun.  String lights are a must, as well as candles.  Still trying to figure out how to keep those pesky June Bugs away when darkness sets in.  There’s nothing worse than a June Bug in your hair!  If anyone knows of a good way to keep them at bay, minus a screened-in porch, I’d love to hear.  

Cone Flower Perennials •• bigger and better next year??

Perennials for the yard are planted every year.  I’ve had very good luck with them always coming back, bigger each year.  

Gods beauty needs no filter

No filter needed.  🌿✨

Jakson the cat joins in for a nap

It was a beautiful day to be outside… Jakson the cat joined our company.  The sun was warm and the music was good.   Perfect day.  

A good day to have a good day

I’ll be back out, today, to finish up.  Well, finish the planting, anyway.   The weeds make sure I’m never completely done with yard work.  But I’m funny that way, I kind of enjoy pulling weeds in my gardens.  It’s peaceful. 

Time in the garden is always well spent

June is my very favorite month..  I’m excited that Summer is finally here.   I’ll be back soon with more of our outside happenings!! 

Chicken Coop #2 is going up!!

The second chicken coop is going up, for example!   Everyone is super excited to see their new home.  

Have a beautiful day, outside!! 

Shelli 🙂

Of all the paths you take in life, make sure a few of them are dirt. – John Muir 


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