Wow! Things are really busy around aspen and oak!   I definitely feel that I have too many irons in the fire, but that’s good..  I like to be busy.  If it’s what I want to be doing, of course..  🙂


The construction is beginning on the new coop and greenhouse!   As you can see, we have some rambunctious roosters that are suffering from cabin fever. The new coop and run will help with some of the cramped-up feelings these poor fellows are experiencing!  I hope.


Aspen and Oak Homestead // work in progress
Chicken Safe Flowers for their raised garden.

We have researched and chosen flowers and plants that are safe for them to be exposed to.  We have lost 2 chickens in our year of owning them, with 2 other scary moments of (almost) losing 2 others.   Being newbies to this lifestyle, we cram our heads full of internet research and Q&A forums to find answers.   Sadly, we lost 2 babies and are devastated by their loss.   The first was definitely a parasite infection that could have spread to the entire flock.. Thank goodness for Corid !  Every chicken owner should have this on hand in the refrigerator for emergency treatment for ugly illnesses!  It can be found at Tractor Supply and Co., or ask a vet.. we acquired our supply from a local vet that had it on hand.   Rest in Peace Baby Bird and Tulip.. you are greatly missed.  😦

Anyhooo….  A lot of plants and flowers are super-dangerous to chickens.. and being that they eat everything… and I mean everything…  don’t believe that a chicken has an internal guide to what is dangerous for it to eat, and what’s not.   We have witnessed (and chased to retrieve from their beaks) many NONfood items..  and they didn’t stop to consider that it might just be bad for them.   Some say chickens won’t eat plants that they know are poisonous to them.   I disagree, every chicken is different, of course, but ours seem to devour what they want, when they want, without questioning it’s safety.

Googling a list of safe plants and flowers before going to the nursery, is what I did.  There are a lot of plants that I wondered about, but need more research before buying and planting.   To me, their health and safety is more important.  Losing babies is painful and very sad.

Aspen and Oak Homestead // work in progress
Coop #1 beautifying project.
My husband built a wooden raised bed for me to put in a small garden, next to Coop #1.

Aspen and Oak Homestead // work in progress
Mulch and top soil going into our leveled raised bed.

Aspen and Oak Homestead // work in progress
Everyone is super-excited for this new addition! Garden snacking is the best!

Aspen and Oak Homestead // work in progress
It’s great when your chickens are helpers of their own projects. Sandy the Buff Orpington is helping spread that mulch and soil like a pro! Bradley Peanut (seen left) is more concerned with how he can get to those ladies…

Aspen and Oak Homestead // work in progress
Chicken safe and beautiful, too!
I can’t wait for these to grow and fill in.   That’s IF the chickens don’t come destroy it, first.  I’ll be sure to keep them away from it until they’ve become rooted and started  filling out.  I chose flowers for color, because I love that!   Some herbs were also added that are safe for them and can be beneficial, as well. I’m still on the hunt for more selection.  My favorite Plant Nursery is “Larry’s Nursery”.  He has the largest selection of plants and flowers that I have ever seen!  If you are a Kansas City local.. check him out! 🙂


Aspen and Oak Homestead // work in progress
Apollo poses for a picture with a flower in his… hair. Sweet boy..


The pads have been poured and are ready for construction to begin.. husband is at lumber yard as I write…  yay!

Aspen and Oak Homestead // work in progress
I think Sandy has a thing for this raised bed.. He might just be a frequent visitor.. I didn’t know he had such a green thumb! He never ceases to steal my heart…

Aspen and Oak Homestead // work in progress
Peacefulness and Quiet, is golden..
So much happening and so much that I am excited to share!   Many more photos to come of this process and then onto growing forward into new subjects.

I’ll be working on my next post (with plenty of photos) and all of the “irons” that are in my fire..  LOL.

“Go Outside!”

Have a great Monday!



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