Chicken People, Unite !!!


I started this blog to share all of my interests with anyone who wants to know!  It’s kind of my “out loud journal” .. 

Chickens are just one of the many interests I have going, at this time.   We have 17 hens and 3 roosters on our tiny homestead.   I can honestly say, these are the best pets.  They are loud, messy, and sometimes aggressive (( as I will touch on, later )) but mostly they’re lovable and trainable.  Like dogs, but with feathers and funnier personalities.  No offense, I am a whole-hearted “dog person”, too!
Today I will introduce you to some of the ladies, and gentlemen.  We have 6 Rhode Island Reds.  The feature photo is one of my girls, Amelia.  She has been so attentive and adorable since being brought home!   She loves to be held and has a “routine” nightly to be held, rocked, talked to.. before she wants to be put onto her roost for the night.   She will come and peck my legs when she wants to be picked up.  She is a sweet, yet ornery, baby girl!

Among the reds, we have 5 Barred Plymouth Rock.  Losing one to a parasite infection, last year.   Heartbroken is the only word I can say about that.  We miss her terribly.  She’s buried under the girls favorite bush, so she’s visited continuously by her sisters. 

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Miss Oregon 

This breed is definitely a lovable one.   They seem to love their humans, yet don’t mingle with the other breeds, and sometimes bicker amongst themselves often.  We found it funny how the reds and barred rocks grew up together, yet still segregate onto separate roosts at night.  All but one red, “Sweetheart”,  who I believe “thinks” she’s a barred rock..  She gets her share of pecks from the (real) barred rocks, yet won’t leave them or their roost.


We have 3 Ameraucana.  Two hens, one rooster.  These are beautiful birds.  Their markings are amazing, and they lay pretty blue/green eggs.  Here, Cooky and Rainbow are hoping to be let out to run the yard, like the free birds they are!

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Handsome Apollo

Apollo is the Ameraucana rooster.   He’s beautiful inside and out.  Very sweet boy. This is one breed I would like to cross with my others, just because the outcome of chicks would be a surprise to see!  

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The boys: Apollo, Mr. Peanut, and Sandy 
Sandy, a Buff Orpington (seen far right) is the sweetest rooster.  His brother, Mr. Peanut, is also a Buff Orpington.  But has recently taken on the Alpha Male role in the house.  He and I are having relationship issues, being that he thinks I’m either another rooster that is after his ladies, or, he thinks I’m a threat to his flock.   So, he takes to chasing me or bullying me out of the hen house.   He’s gotten me a few times by beak or by kicking me.  The problem for him, is that I love him too much to harm him.   I’m allowing him to “be a rooster and do his rooster thing”.   Because that’s honestly all he is doing.   I hope he calms down in time, when his newly discovered hormones have calmed.  

Buffy loves her man

Mr. Peanut is aggressive, but he is a gorgeous bird.  He loves his lady, “Buffy”, another Buff Orpington.   They posed for this Valentines Day picture.  Isn’t love something.  Even the chickens have boyfriends and girlfriends.   As mentioned, we have Rhode Islands, Barred Rocks, Buffs, Ameraucana, and some mixed rainbow layers.  All dearly loved and spoiled!  Our idea is, “happy birds lay more eggs”, and that seems to be true.  We’re getting a dozen or more, per day.   Even through the winter.  Hug your birds.  It works. 🙂


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Foraging for winter snacks

We are excited for warmer weather and to get a garden (chicken friendly) put in.   I’d love to connect with other chicken people and share ideas and chicken talk!  

Thanks for stopping by!!


Regard it just as desireable to build a chicken house as it is to build a cathedral.
—Frank Lloyd Wright