Why not Plant a tree this Spring…? 

I seriously love the smell of dirt.  I love even more, getting my hands into the dirt! Today, I’m sharing a few photos from my property and loving how the Spring comes in fast, yet silent.  With one having to pay special attention to the slight changes each day brings.   The grass is greener, even more today, than when these photos were taken.
Yay for Springtime in the Midwest!


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Springtime in the Midwest


We have planted about 30 trees on our property, Pin Oaks, Aspen, Locust, Pine..  In hopes that my future generations will have the pleasure of enjoying these beautiful babies of mine!  I’ve dedicated some of them to lost loved ones.


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“Dad’s Tree” at Aspen + Oak


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Pin Oaks of Aspen + Oak


The Pin Oaks were planted about 4 years ago.   My kids helped me plant each one.  They are slow growing, which means they’ll be tall, dark, strong, and handsome, when they’ve reached maturity.  Most have already grown well over 6ft.  If you’ve never planted a tree, do so!  The Earth needs them.  Your soul will feel the connection to them. It truly is a magical experience to become a kind, caregiver to God’s Nature.

Spring has officially arrived!! Time to go outside and get dirty in the dirt!   A trip to my local nursery is planned!  March is proving to be going “out like a lion”, or was it supposed to be the other way??  Oh well, either way- As i’ve said before, I’m anxious for the hot of Summer and weeds to pull!
Happy Spring, everyone ! ☀️🌱


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“Even as the rain and snow come down….

And do not return empty….

Making it bear fruit and sprout….

So Your Word will be..”  – Bethany Dillon